Meet Our Ocean Ambassadors

Hello there,

We’re excited to announce our new ambassador program! We want to introduce you to a few of the people we are proud to say are helping spread the word about SeaHive and keeping our waterways clean.


This is Ben Lecomte. He is swimming from Japan to San Francisco to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Yes, you read that correctly. He’ll swim eight hours a day for six months for a total of 5,500 miles. Discovery Channel is making a documentary chronicling his epic journey. 


Meet Stephanie Roble, a sailor training for the Tokyo Summer Olympics for team USA. She spends more than 200 days a year sailing and says, “not a day goes by on the water when I don't see debris, specifically plastic. Those above and below the surface of the ocean are affected negatively by plastic pollution. However I really believe we can make changes to our habits to stop and solve the problem!” We agree completely.


Weldon Wade is a diver in Bermuda fighting plastic pollution from multiple angles. He founded Guardians of the Reef, which works to remove plastic pollution from the land and sea floor while getting more people exploring and protecting the ocean. If you are ever in Bermuda or planning to visit, be sure to contact him and plan a dive!

Follow along on our Instagram as we highlight their work to keep oceans clean and feature some of the insanely cool things they’re up to.

Stay salty,