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Weldon Wade


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Weldon Wade has been extremely active…

in the Bermuda diving community for over ten years, is unapologetically dedicated to its growth and continues a unique and exciting journey. Wade is the first and only Bermudian certified freediver, SCUBA diver and closed-circult rebreather diver and founder of an ocean conservation organization called Guardians of the Reef.

The mission of Guardians of the Reef includes getting new divers excited to explore and protect the ocean, keep divers diving and to encourage more young Bermudians to put on a pair of fins, mask and snorkel and see for themselves what the healthiest reef in the region looks like. Ocean protection is at the core of Guardians and hunting invasive lionfish and removing plastic pollution from land and the sea floor are two main goals.

Wade hosts clean-up events and works with Project AWARE, 5 Gyres and Ocean Conservancy to remove trash and plastic pollution from beaches and bays locally and overseas. He also hosts invasive lionfish tournaments. Community engagement is key to Wade and he believes hosting events helps give divers purpose and the chance to use skills to help the environment and have fun. These events also open up countless opportunities to collaborate with businesses and other organizations and present information to students in schools and at various kids’ camps.

Wade presently serves on the Board of Directors of the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, the Bermuda Historic Wrecks Authority and is also an ambassador for 5 Gyres, One Ocean and  was a speaker at TEDxBermuda in 2014 sharing his journey on a world stage. If you are ever in Bermuda or planning to visit, be sure to contact him and plan a dive!

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