The SeaHive Model

Our model helps ecologically-minded businesses package their goods plastic-free while seamlessly educating each person as they unbox their item.

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Stage 1

The desire for change.

SeaHive designs and sources beautiful packaging that looks, feels, and functions better than plastic. This is our expertise. The final product bears the SeaHive seal, communicating it is packaged 100% plastic-free.

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Stage 2

A product goes out into the world.

Each package is transformed into a messenger, not just keeping plastic packaging from being manufactured and entering our oceans, but carrying inside of it a statement that unobtrusively educates the consumer on the problem we face as a planet: plastic pollution. 

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Stage 3

A lasting impression and meaningful impact.

The SeaHive seal is an indicator to conscientious consumers who prefer to avoid plastics and help the environment. Similar to how seals for organic and Fair Trade products have become symbols people look for when making choices, our seal is a way for you to easily communicate the platform of ethics your company aligns with—the complete absence of single-use plastic in consumer packaged goods. 


We operate in an uncommon space where social, environmental, and business interests coexist beautifully.


Best of all, we make doing good a no-brainer by helping ensure your company’s positive actions generate exposure that offset any costs. In addition, each project raises awareness of the problem to amplify the impact.

We use our extensive experience in product manufacturing and marketing to help brands reduce their usage of harmful plastic packaging, then we help tell the world about it.

  • We review your current or planned product packaging

  • We suggest, design, and source non-plastic packaging alternatives that perform as well as your current packaging

  • Your new product packaging qualifies to proudly wear the SeaHive Plastic-Free Packaging Seal

  • Our marketing team helps spread the word to a large and growing base of conscientious consumers.

Making changes that reduce your environmental impact is enough to be proud of. Making those changes without hurting your bottom line, or better yet improving it, is something worth shouting out to the world!

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Why SeaHive?

Over the years our team members have brought many different products to market and we continue to do so but with a different set of rules and goals. The easiest thing to do is continue business-as-usual but we push ourselves and our clients to do better—which it turns out, isn’t much harder. 

We have become experts on packaging products without plastic and we understand the delicate balancing acts required to ensure profits. It’s much more efficient for us to share what we’ve learned than for every company that produces products to learn the information. We also have the ear of many consumers that are interested in companies that care enough to change.