We’re environmentalists and we’re ocean-loving outdoors people.

We’re also business-minded realists with backgrounds in product development, design, retail, marketing, and sustainability. 

Our Story

In 2011, product designer Malcolm Fontier set out to design a quintessential travel bag that added value to people’s lives and would stay with them for the long haul. This bag became the cornerstone for SeaHive’s sister company, Pakt, which creates products focused on quality and environmental responsibility.

But Malcolm didn’t stop there. He knew that if his company was going to walk the walk, he would have to engrain these values into the whole package… literally. So, Malcolm set out to ensure that all his products would be sent in beautifully-designed, plastic-free packaging. He even went so far as to include a note in every package saying, “Did you notice that your package came plastic-free?” By calling customers’ attention to the packaging, itself, consumers would begin to look for environmental responsibility in all their packaged goods.

Malcolm and the Pakt team underwent some trial-and-error in going plastic-free, and they knew that other companies could learn from their experiences. Thus, SeaHive was born as a program dedicated to sharing our lessons learned and helping others to choose eco-conscious packaging options in their own operations.

The Team



Malcolm is an experienced entrepreneur as well as a passionate outdoorsman and boater. He has a product design background and experience leading projects with diverse teams. He dives fully into anything he does with all of his energy and resources; the problem of plastic in our waterways is no different.



Kirsten has been a sustainability enthusiast her whole life. A native of Portland, OR, she worked in corporate energy consulting before finding the start-up world. She is a sailor, diver, and motorcyclist, and spends her free time harassing her friends about being more environmentally conscious - in the best possible way.

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Gabrielle combines a knack for conversation with boundless and infectious energy. She draws on diverse experience in the worlds of education, fashion, and the culinary arts. If you ever have a chance to try some of her cooking do not pass it up!



Stephen and Blake are two ol' friends from Florida looking to change the way their work impacts Mama Earth. They're dedicating themselves to designing for environmentally conscious organizations and companies.



Joel Caldwell is an expedition photographer and writer living in New York City. He specializes in pairing arresting imagery with thought provoking narrative.

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Sarah is a Dallas-based industrial designer who combines her love for the planet and her passion for design to create amazing products. She firmly believes that all humans should take every opportunity to make the world a better place.

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Carla is a Melbourne based designer and illustrator. She puts the plastic pollution crisis into art for SeaHive. She loves compacting big ideas into bite-sized illustrations, see more of her work on Instagram or her website.

We believe in the power of for-profits as a force for good and operate with a simple goal: maximize our impact on the urgent problem of ocean plastic pollution. 

The SeaHive name reflects the inspiration we find in nature and our belief that we can do more when we work together.