Our oceans are threatened by something of our own creation.


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The facts on plastic aren't pretty.


40% of plastic is used just once, then discarded. Our mission is to reduce the production (and acceptance) of single-use plastic packaging, which is the largest end use of plastic being made today.



91% of plastic isn’t recycled in the United States.



We’ve produced more plastic in the past ten years than during the whole of the last century.



It is estimated that 4 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide annually. Only 1% of plastic bags are returned for recycling.


18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year from coastal regions.


Nearly 75% of beach litter is plastic: filters from cigarette butts, bottles, bottle caps, food wrappers, grocery bags, and takeout containers.


Plastic sticks around for anywhere from 450 years to forever.


More than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are floating in our oceans today.