Meet Our Ocean Ambassadors

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We’re excited to announce our new ambassador program! We want to introduce you to a few of the people we are proud to say are helping spread the word about SeaHive and keeping our waterways clean.


This is Ben Lecomte. He is swimming from Japan to San Francisco to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Yes, you read that correctly. He’ll swim eight hours a day for six months for a total of 5,500 miles. Discovery Channel is making a documentary chronicling his epic journey. 


Meet Stephanie Roble, a sailor training for the Tokyo Summer Olympics for team USA. She spends more than 200 days a year sailing and says, “not a day goes by on the water when I don't see debris, specifically plastic. Those above and below the surface of the ocean are affected negatively by plastic pollution. However I really believe we can make changes to our habits to stop and solve the problem!” We agree completely.


Weldon Wade is a diver in Bermuda fighting plastic pollution from multiple angles. He founded Guardians of the Reef, which works to remove plastic pollution from the land and sea floor while getting more people exploring and protecting the ocean. If you are ever in Bermuda or planning to visit, be sure to contact him and plan a dive!

Follow along on our Instagram as we highlight their work to keep oceans clean and feature some of the insanely cool things they’re up to.

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Our First Project Has Shipped!

Hello everyone,

Our first project shipped, we launched a new website, and we’re open for business!

It’s been a while since we got in touch and that’s because we’ve been busy bees shipping out our first project: 10,000 Pakt One travel bags packaged 100% plastic-free. We designed and sourced beautiful and functional packaging that included an educational message to spread awareness about the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. Starting in June, the Pakt Ones were sent to 41 different countries around the globe, all without plastic. 


People were thrilled to get their bags in environmentally-friendly materials, as opposed to single-use plastic, which doesn’t break down for hundreds or thousands of years. Consumers even shared photos across social media, proclaiming their SeaHive plastic-free love.


As for what’s next, our work will focus on companies with water-centric audiences who most appreciate an effort to protect the ocean they use and enjoy. We’ll keep you updated about what’s in the pipeline and the amazing companies choosing to make an impact with their packaging and messaging.

Also, we just launched a fresh new website! Check out and let us know what you think.

Say no to single-use (it is #PlasticFreeJuly afterall),

Welcome to SeaHive!

Hello everyone,

Thanks for joining us! This is our very first SeaHive blog post. It’s been quiet from us but we’ve been anything but idle. We’ve been hard at work creating our first plastic-free packaging collaboration with Pakt. Many of you probably found us via Pakt and already know about the Pakt One travel bag that they launched on Indiegogo. SeaHive is involved with the packaging for that bag, helping design and source 100% plastic-free packaging that performs as well or better than the environmentally harmful plastic-based standard packaging.


In the above photo, Claire, the factory manager at Pakt’s Vietnamese manufacturing partner shows the “X” sign she came up with to tell her non-english speaking staff to avoid plastic. The conversation went something like this:

Malcolm of Pakt and Seahive: “It’s important that we eliminate ALL plastic from the packaging”

Claire: “No poly bag?”

Malcolm: “No poly bag, no plastic wrapping. We have designed it so that we don’t even need a piece of plastic tape in the packaging.”

Claire: “Oh, wow. OK got it.” She then turned and rattled off the stern “NO PLASTIC” message to her factory staff in multiple languages with the new “X” hand sign.

Pakt’s crowdfunding campaign has been very successful which is good news for SeaHive. We plan to raise awareness of the problem of ocean plastic pollution among consumers through the huge number of products created and distributed around the world. The core of our business model involves helping companies make the switch to plastic free packaging, so the more products we are able to repackage, the more people we are able to reach with our message. Each product becomes one less product with packaging that can end up in the oceans. Pakt’s success means that our very first project will put the plastic-free message in the hands of 10,000 people! Not a bad start.


The long-term goal is to shift expectations so that we, as consumers, begin to prefer and then demand that manufacturers make the relatively small extra effort required to avoid plastic packaging. We believe this is the modest start of something very big, and we’re glad you’re here from the beginning. Ideally, factory managers around the world will soon use Claire’s “X” hand sign and “No plastic!” message with their staff.

Will you help us build this movement by telling your friends? Share it, forward it, or shout it too the world– whatever method you choose we appreciate the help!

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